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XShield Lite 1.6.1

Checks if your links are pointing to inappropriate (i.e. adult) content.

XShield Incorporated
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
Dot Net Framework, IE 5.0 or later
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If your web site has links to external web pages, then they may be, at any time, made to point to inappropriate content that is often adult in nature. How does this happen? If a company allows its rights to its domain name to lapse, even briefly, then cyberpirates can snap it up and then make the address point to new content of their choosing. They do this to drive traffic to their websites, the practice is common and is called "porn-napping".

If you had been using XShield, it is not likely that you would be finding this out from an angry customer email. Instead you could have been monitoring the status of your links and XShield could have alerted you to any content changes that were inappropriate. XShield can scan automatically in the background throughout the day and even send automatic email alerts to your IT personnel to enable a quick response to any problems that may develop.