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WinPTE 3.10.001

WinPTE is a programmer's editor with integrated perl scripting.

Windows 2000/XP/2003
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WinPTE is a customizable programmer's editor with integrated Perl scripting. WinPTE is written for programmers and includes some unique editing features to address the needs of programmers. WinPTE is completely configurable through file templates that define syntax coloring, statement completion and behavior of keys.

Proportional font support that maintains column alignment of column formatted plain text files.

Flex Insert Mode, better than tabs for column based text layout without imbedding tabs in the file.

Power Block Mode editing operations are applied to any number of lines while editing only a single line.

Auto Format re-indents code on move, copy or paste of code.

Move single lines or line blocks up/down in the file using the Alt+Up/Down keys, more intuitive than cut/paste because you see the result of the action right away and it only takes a single key. The code will be re-indented to reflect its new location.

Drag & Drop designed for programmers allows you to replace a word by dropping a selection on it.

Statement completion removes the need to type common language constructs.

Background TO DO List parsing from comment tags. Tag code with action items in comments and quickly navigate to them from the TO DO window.

Automatically filled in comment templates to reduce work in creating function and file headers.

Comments are formatted and word-wrapped during comment editing.

Workspaces to group project related work files and editing state to address work on multiple unrelated projects.

Includes many additional operation unique to program source editing such as: sort lines, generate numbered lists in any arithmetic or power of 2 sequences.