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Winlive Pro 4.0

Midi and audio player for the professionals of live-music.

Pro Music
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
DierctX 7.0
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |6.84 MB ) Winlive Pro 4.0 Publisher's description
Winlive 4.0 Pro is a midi and audio player with particularly useful advance functions for the
live performances. Its immediacy and facility of use allow it to be used without problems
also from the beginners.
Winlive 4.0 Pro main features are:
Immediate management of the files Audio (mp3, wave) and Midi (any format);
Extraction and conversion from Cd in mp3 or wave;
Immediate booking with possibility of fade out or mixing between Audio song and Midi;
Reading and writing of the Lyrics and Chords for Midi and Audio;
Insertion of 10 Markers for every Song;
Scanning and automatic search on Hard Disk of any compatible file;
Multiple management of the files in the database;
Virtual save of the volume, pan and pitch for the Song Audio;
Physical or virtual memorization of the transpose, time, mute channels, program change, volume, chorus, reverb, pan and dynamics for the Midi;
Fade out and Mixing (9 different types) with varying length;
Insertion of background images (maximum 10 for every Song);
Import of TXT and RTF files (electronic music-stand);
Possibility to quickly connect a text to an Audio or Midi;
Management more midi device for every Midi with virtual save;
Help on line;
And much more ...