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WindowMenu 1.1

WindowMenu is a java component that provides the usual Window Menu functionality

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WindowMenu is a java component. It provides the general functionality of a WindowMenu that appears in almost every Multi Document Interface (MDI) application. Instead of writing the code for the Window menu every time, developers can use this component to get the entire functionality for just two lines of code. WindowMenu comes with the following menu items: Cascade, TileHorizontally, TileVertically, CloseAll and AllWindows. The component is designed to suit almost every user requirement. The default functionality of every menu item can be overridden by the user defined functionality. Hence it is totally customizable.

Please see the sample code at http://www.makelogic.com/WindowMenu/WMSamples.htm .They show how to use the component as is and how to customize. Other samples also show how to disable the default functionality and add user defined functionality. Please see http://www.makelogic.com for more.