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Web Database Diagram Manager 1.01

Web Database Diagram Manager for database through Web Borwser

Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |559 KB ) Web Database Diagram Manager 1.01 Publisher's description
Rhalotel is coming to the software market with the introduction of a new product. Web Database Diagram Manager is a software project that was created with the aim to make the database managing to be easier and quicker. For using the Web Database Diagram Manager there is not needed the installation of new software on the PC. The Software environment is accessible through the web browser. There is only needed a plugin from Adobe - Flash player 8 or 9. Web Database Diagram Manager enables the user to create and modify the database structure in a form of relational diagram.

Graphical environment is created by the tool bar and the desktop. On the desktop, there is represented the diagram with tables and relationships that can be modified. Intuitive organization and successiveness of controlling element simplifies and extensively speeds up the database managing through the web browser.