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Wallpaper: Seven Areas and a Canal 2.1.0

Free Wallpaper: Seven Areas and a Canal. Image of caffè, Wi-Fi access, war

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Wallpaper. Title: Seven Areas and a Canal.

Caffè / café, Wi-Fi access, warm social atmosphere, light. A friendly, attractive lady owner, works there somedays, tall, blonde, classically named, wealthy, in her early thirties, the sort visiting business people crush on, her husband's lounge bar not far off. Offering cappucino with cocoa shakings, and complimentary chocolate covered coffee beans, individually wrapped. Set against city offices, lights on constantly, a canal, the calm level within each area. Trendy, clean, modern. Urban, business, after hours living.

"A man, a plan, a canal: Panama", famously palendromically once headlined a newspaper.

1) The caffè, inside,
2) The caffè, veranda,
3) The courtyard,
4) The canal path, nearside,
5) The obscured bridge,
The canal,
6) The canal path, farside,
7) The offices.

If there were a Europe and a Venice then perhaps there, or Amsterdam, or London.

? Original artwork,
? Free,
? Cooler Than? outer space.