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Wallpaper: Beach 2.1.0

Free Wallpaper: Beach. An iconic tranquil rest and relaxation image.

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Wallpaper. Title: Beach.

An iconic tranquil rest and relaxation image.

A tropical beach, a low sun, palm fronds, gently lapping waves, a few acceptable for the difference, with the patterns they bring clouds, a beached coconut. A trip to the beach, made every few days, like the local shops, 400m to the left, maybe a long holiday, or a place to live for a little.

Blue and pink, the colors of boy and girl, man and woman, artery and vein.

Technical Details:
The photograph used in this artwork was taken in 1995 at Hat Sai Khao (White Sands Beach), Koh Change (Elephant Island), a marine reserve area in eastern Thailand, around 50km from Cambodia. The beach was then off the beaten track with electricity only from generators, and telephone only from a satellite phone connected to a car battery, the ice came delivered in 20kg blocks. A starting civilization; fairly lawless, guns common, deadly snakes beaten to death with sticks by the locals, scorpions hiding under rocks, jellyfish available in the sea, the occassional murder, now a far more popular concreted holiday resort. The photo was shot before the popularity of Alex Garland's novel The Beach, and the following Hollywood film of the same name by Danny Boyle featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Virginie Ledoyen.


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