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W2kEventLogReport 1.2.0

Check your servers eventlogs daily with a intranet-report without duplicates

Windows 2000
Windows 2000 on network
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As an domain administrator it's important to check your servers eventlogs daily.

This takes a lot of time, connecting to each server, and browsing application, system and security eventlogs, and a lot of them each day,
and newer remembering which old eventlogs you already examined.

With this program you can easily schedule a daily intranet-report (html) without duplicates, and only the eventlogs since last scheduled run.

It will send you an email with number of logs found since last time, and with a link to your intranet-report.

The intranet-report automatically links to www.microsoft.com/technet/support and www.eventid.net on each event-id and event-source found since last run

The reports are placed in subfolders for each year for easy history or deleting old unused logs.

· Choose Application, System, Security, DirectoryService, DnsServer and/or FileReplService events
· Choose Errors, Warnings, Information, AuditSuccess and/or AuditFailure
· Choose silent run if you want to schedule W2kEventLogReport
· Choose to create a report for each server, or one report with all servers
· Choose unwanted events-id's, not to be shown in html-report
· The html-report only shows one of each equal events
· The html-report only shows events since last run of W2kEventLogReport
· The html-report link each found event to www.eventid.net
Free install working unlimited 90 days!

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