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Universal Music Machine 0.5.6b

A small, free program that helps create musical textures for contemporary music.

Facile Technology of America
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Mac OS X / Mac OS Other
800x600 video, at least 32 MB RAM, 1 MB disk space, and a sound card.
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |221 KB ) Universal Music Machine 0.5.6b Publisher's description
The Universal Music Machine (UMM) is an easy-to-use program which helps contemporary composers create complex textures which would be very tedious to work out by hand. You supply the source material in the form of pitches, rhythmics, or dynamic markings, and UMM will create a MIDI sequence using the desired algorithms, which can be played back inside the program or exported to a score editor.

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