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Ultra Screen Saver Maker 3.0.1 (Buy Now and save $2.00)

Create a screensaver with images, sounds, movies, Flash and text in 10 seconds!

Finalhit Ltd
Windows XP / Vista / 7
Pentium, 512 MB RAM, 15 MB Hard Disk, Internet Explorer
$17.96 (10% off. Normally $19.95. Save $2.00)
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Ultra Screen Saver Maker 3.0.1 Publisher's description
Create your own screen savers in 10 seconds - quickly and easily!

Add images, sounds, movies, Flash animations, text, websites or images using keyword search to your own screensaver!

Just collect media files, preview them and simply add to your screen saver project using a point-and-click interface. You can also add text, date and time using different fonts and effects.

Type in keywords or web addresses and all corresponding images or websites found on the Internet are going to appear in the screensaver.

For home users: This product is great for displaying family, friend and personal photos, or images of your favorite celebrities, movies, landscapes, or whatever else you can imagine, for use on your own computer and sharing with your friends and relatives.

For business users: It can act as an advertising tool by displaying corporate logos or showcasing products. It includes different text effects allowing you to display date, time, or a personal message, in any font or color. Companies can create screensavers based on their websites. The screensaver is created once, but its contents change with every website update.

It's very easy to use. No programming skills are needed. The full support is provided for self-installing screen savers. You can test the screen saver at any time. Generated screen savers can be distributed for free.