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total gym 2000 1.1

Discover how easy it is to get and stay in shape with the Total Gym home gym

total gym 2000
Windows 98 / ME
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The Total Gym is one of the most complete home exercise systems on the market and this is not just my opinion. In addition to many celebrities such as Chuck Norris, Christie Brinkley & Wesley Snipes many Olympic Medalists & professional athletes gladly endorse the Total Gym. The beauty of the system is its efficiency. The Total Gym is a great time saver and sure-fire way to lose weight fast.

The Total Gym is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is a great value for the money. Compared to all the separate pieces of equipment you would have to buy to perform the same exercises that a Total Gym can the savings in time, space and money are incredible. As a bonus there is virtually no assembly required and it is easy to fold up and store under your bed. Try that with a BowFlex or a NordicTrak.

Total Gym Earns Endorsements

In a study on infomercial-based home gyms by Dr. Marc Rabinoff of Metropolitan State College of Denver and founder of Professionals Against Fitness Fraud, Total Gym came out on top and was deemed to be the most user-friendly. "It's a good home product for use by the general public," says Rabinoff. Unlike many infomercial products that are based on hype and false promises, consumers and professionals recognize Total Gym as a legitimate machine that is based on sound technology and exercise principles. The American Council on Exercise (ACE), the nonprofit watchdog organization that regularly conducts university-based studies on the effectiveness of infomercial products and their claims, cited Total Gym in its publication ACE FitnessMatters. In 1999, an editor's note states: "(Total Gym) has largely relied on the product's merits to make the sale - not outrageous claims."

Pro Athletes and Total Gym

The company's products have gone far beyond the rehabilitation and consumer markets as well: Total Gym has been used by the USA Olympic Gold Medalist Men's Volleyball team and USA Track and Field Gold Medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee.