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Timetranslator 1.0

Timetranslator is a time telling software for Window CE 5.0 and 6.0 OS Smart pho

Celldial Inc
Active Sync / 8.4 MB of memory /CF20 and SQLCE (bundled)/ Date setting must be mm/dd/yyyy format.
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |8.49 MB ) Timetranslator 1.0 Publisher's description
Timetranslator is a time telling software for Window CE 5.0 and 6.0 OS Smart phones which use the phone numbers you dial or those stored in your address book to find the current time at that number. This program was designed specifically for retuning time results for international calls made from any country. The program also works for domestic calls within the United States and Canada.
The Timetranslator program is simple and easy to use. Just dial the number as you normally would (using the appropriate IDD number for your country, 00 or 011 for most countries). If you live in a country that uses numbers other than 00 or 011 to dial internationally you may use the + sign instead. Then you press call or send. You will be prompted to press "5" within a 5 second window. At this point the call is paused and the time at your call destination will be displayed. If the time is right for connecting, press "call" to connect, if not press "end" to disconnect. If "5" is not pressed within a 5 second window, the call will automatically connect without displaying the time. North American users who wish to know the time within North America must dial the 1 before the area code and number. For your convenience the program by default is set to off. You turn it on only when you need it.
The program also works with the phone numbers listed in your contact list. Just select the contact number and call as usual. Remember, the program will work only on numbers stored in the 00,011 or +sign format and in the case of North American users only on numbers proceeded by the 1 and area code. From this point the program works as stated above.
The program will not return a time result for domestic calls made within other multi-time zone countries such as Australia, Brazil, Russia, and ect... These countries will be added later this year.
Calling mobile phones that are outside of their time zone will not return a proper time result.