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Tic Tac Files 2.1 (Buy Now and save $0.30)

We modernized an ancient logic game for you - check Tic Tac Files out NOW!

Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
256MB of RAM, 1.0GHz processor, 64MB graphic card, 15MB hard disk space
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Tic Tac Files 2.1 Publisher's description
We modernized an ancient logic game for you - check Tic Tac Files out NOW!
Three thousand years ago, we believed that the Earth is flat board and THAT IS WHY the Tic Tac Toe (XO-game) has been played at the flat game board.
Since 20th Century, we have new four-dimensional model of reality, which conceptual framework ads time in space-time continuum: THAT IS WHY our modern version of Tic Tac is playing on continuous game board without boundaries.
Aim of the game: click and drag any token, so that all equal tokens will match single background color.
• side-displays show completed vs. uncompleted token sets
• progress-bar is monitoring overall chances to finish a job soon
• Yin Yang double click switches between YY-column and YY-row
• review all moves by using backward and forward buttons
• temporal game is saved already
• full screen option enriches full player''s experience
• game board frame follows the last clicked pattern field''s color
• Amazing video effects...