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The Shuffleboard Challenge 1.0

Bring the bar room shuffleboard table to your home PC with this fun game.

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The Shuffleboard Challenge 1.0 Publisher's description
Bring the bar room shuffleboard table to your home PC with this challenging game. The Shuffleboard Challenge lets you play against the computer in three different skill levels. You glide your puck (weight) across the table at the velocity showm on the "Power Meter". Just click the puck once, and then click it again as soon as the "Power Meter" is up to the desired level. You can also spin the puck to send it right or left as it slows down, making it possible to slip in between the other pucks, or around them completely. Also, for the first time ever on a PC shuffleboard game, the scoring method is totally up to you. Otherwise known as "A Gentleman's Game". This makes it easier to judge ties, and play different games. Some features are disabled, such as: Playing any skill level other than Easy, and spinning the puck.