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System Defend Total Security 2011

Scan Virus and Remove Virus 100% Protect Your PC High Performance.

Preeda Software
Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU Pentium 4 1.0 GHz, RAM 512 MB, Harddisk 40 GB
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Functionality of the program System Defend Antivirus 2011

System Defend Total Security 2011 v2.0 Scan and Remove Virus Automatic, System Defend Total Security 2011 make eary for Remove Virus Trojan Spyware Badware

Adware Worm Hacker and All Threats. System Defend Total Security Protect your PC 100%

1. Find computer viruses (Scan All Drives) and a portable storage device.

2. stop the virus (Virsu Kill Process, Stop Virus Process).

3. Repair Windows File System (Repair Windows System Files) to recover files that Windows is the virus removed (Recovery Windows System Files and Booting Files).
Repair the damaged file (Repair Error Files) clean registry tree (Clean Registry).

4. Find the latest virus found again To check the virus.

System Defend Antivirus 2011 to protect the file system of Windows. No damage.
Although it was deleted from the virus. Or from the user. Windows system files that are deleted. Will be restored automatically. Make Windows stable.