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SQLBoss Developer (Mac OS X) 1.6

SQL Database & Content Management Tool - supports mySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC

SQLBoss Inc. - Crosslinks GmbH
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Mobile / PPC / Mac OS Other
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Mac OS Classic or Mac OS X
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |6.05 MB ) SQLBoss Developer (Mac OS X) 1.6 Publisher's description
SQLBoss Developer and the upcoming SQLBoss Layouter from SQLBoss Inc. provide you with a complete database and content management system for many (11) SQL databases. SQLBoss Developer is a tool for rapid database development on remote hosts. It helps you to create and change databases, tables and columns and to manage the content within web-enabled databases. More features: supports 8 import/export file formats, dynamically generated data entry layouts, HTML WYSIWYG Editor, database backup server, mySQL Admin. Fastest SQL tool on the market.

SQLBoss Monitor and SQLBoss Developer - The ultimate Database & Content Management Tool for many SQL Databases like mySQL, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, OpenBase, ODBC and many more. Included beta drivers: Valentina, dtfSQL and 4D. Planned drivers: Microsoft SQL Server, mSQL and Primebase.
Runs under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Mac OS 8.1 and Mac OS X

SQLBoss Monitor is the first-choice tool for managing the content of web-enabled databases. The import/export functionality and the dynamically generated data entry layouts provide a very easy and flexible way to keep WebSites up-to-date. With the built-in WYSIWYG HTML Field-Editor it is even possible to emphase text (e.g. bold, italic) with a single click.

SQLBoss Developer is the premier application for rapid database development on remote hosts. Designers can create and change databases and export their work as fully functional PHP files. Additionally it includes all features of SQLBoss Monitor and the SQLBoss Automatic Backup Server.

Supported file formats for importing (I) and exporting (E):
SQL (I/E), CSV (I/E), TabText (I/E), Excel (E), HTML (E), PHP (E), SQLBossText (E) and XML (E). DBF is subject to future releases.

At this stage we offer free testing environments on our database servers, supporting mySQL, PostgreSQL and FrontBase

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The true database designing tool.