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spysure 2.1

Spysure will allow you to track all computer related activities

Windows 2000 / XP / 2003
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Spysure will allow you to track all computer related activities whether online or offline. This is not just an internet monitoring software it basically records everything a person does on a computer. The program can run in a secret stealth mode so the person you are monitoring will never know that their computer is under surveillance. This software has many applications. Spysure has a key logger software built into it which records all the keystrokes on a computer. The website tracker will list all the websites that have been visited. You can select to have the screenshot of the computer captured at selected times. Whatever is being viewed on the screen will get captured in the form of an image. All online chatting using Yahoo and MSN will be captured. This also applies to all incoming and out going emails. The internet blocking tool will allow you to restrict online access either during particular times or even restrict it to certain websites only. You will have complete control. In addition to all these core features you can also access the file directory of the computer you are monitoring thus being able to read any file that you want. However this will depend on the version that you purchase. Spysure will also detect all programs running on the computer that you do not recognise. This can help you in eliminating any potential viruses. Spysure can be downloaded immediately and is easy to install. It is installed in seconds and you can start monitoring instantly. This is a user friendly software and can be operated by anyone. Spysure has tremendous universal appeal and can be purchased by literally anyone concerned about computer misuse. The two biggest markets are employers wanting to track the computer activities of the employees, and parents wanting to monitor their children. We have a 30 day money back guarantee and will also let you try our product on a free trial basis.