Everyone remembers the old times when making a video on your phone was a big deal; nowadays, you are able to make video calls as long as you have an internet connection and a camera. Most laptops already come with an integrated webcam, so the only thing one would need is a solid internet connection and a good platform.

There are many different IM clients for you to check out that allow you to have solid video calls (Skype, WLM, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Discord, ICQ…). Users on such platforms tend to grow every day, which is why today the webcam video calling is not something surprising or new. However, there are many software that will enhance the usage of live webcams, and one of them is called SplitCam.

What is SplitCam?

As you can already tell, the name itself can somewhat give you a clue of what this software allows. In the past, this program was first designed to solve the problem of using your webcam in the windows operating system exclusively. Some might not be aware of this problem, so just try to use your webcam camera on more than one platform; you will get an error, as that is not possible.

 Some might think that this is not a problem at all, but those are usually the ones who do not use their webcam as much. Imagine having to use your webcam in a couple of applications at once, as they are all being transmitted for the same purpose. Since there are many different IM clients, what if one of your friends uses Skype, while others prefer Discord?

In addition, there are many people who prefer to stream their live cam sessions on sites like Twitch.tv, and naughtier sites like XCamsClub.com or CamVive.com. In all these cases, you would get the same error, as your webcam cannot be split across multiple platforms. Well, that is all in the past now, because SplitCam was made for this purpose, and today it does a lot more than just “splitting”.

Make your webcam calls interesting!

Usually, when having a video call people will use their webcam, and that can often be very boring. Well, the SplitCam allows you to have much brighter and unusual video calls instead. This is a powerful stream studio broadcaster software, and with it, you are able to directly stream on some of the biggest platforms, like YouTube, Facebook or even Twitch.

You will have a minimum CPY load, and will also be allowed to add screen, game, webcam, and many other great effects to your video stream. One could say that SplitCam is the easiest way to split your webcam across several mentioned program at the same time. From using this neat option to stream a lecture to multiple people on different platforms, to using this opportunity to stream yourself doing something different.

Many webcam girls tend to use SplitCam just for this purpose, as it allows them to stream their naughty sessions on more than just one platform, and thus they are able to earn and meet more people. When talking about the video chat, your friends will be able to see your desktop, and it is worth mentioning that the SplitCam has three modes; full desktop, selected rectangle of the desktop and the zoomed area where the mouse cursor is.

Fun SplitCam Features

One of the most interesting features of SplitCam is the effects, which is a great way to make your chat video interesting and unusual. There are many effects you are able to apply, no matter which video source you selected. You could also apply different effects simultaneously, and make interesting combinations.

The first part of the effects are the filters, and there you can change your whole video; from making your video black and white to negative, or other gradients. All depending on what you want. The second part of the effects is the background, where you can pretend to be in a different place, by placing a believable background behind you; from a tropical beach to a cold mountain area.

You could also select any image you like and put it as your background, which can often be very humorous, and sometimes even professional. Putting a plain background for an interview will make you seem a lot more professional. There are many ways you can use the background tool, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

The third part of the effects will allow you to insert masks, noses, eyes and all other kinds of fun things into the video. You can put glasses on yourself, masks, mustaches, ears, and many other things. The fourth option will allow you to play with frames, and that should be rather self-explanatory. You also have the avatar features, where you can input small images on your screen, edit and resize them… and the same applies to written text.


If you want to make your video calls a lot more interesting, SplitCam is here to help. There are many different features for you to check out; including the additional features where you can zoom in on your camera, record videos, upload clips to YouTube… etc. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve, as there is a high possibility that SplitCam will deliver.

With SplitCam, you are able to stream your webcam video across many different platforms, and that can be useful in a lot of situations. You will be allowed to have an HD video broadcast, where the stream quality will not be lost after the quality has been selected manually. Feel free to use your cam in multiple applications without any kind of errors.

Play around with SplitCam’s effects and features, as there is a lot you can do to make the video call interesting. This software is supported by most of the popular services, such as Facebook, Skype, MSN, YouTube, Twitch, and more. SplitCam is a free and simple program that anyone can use, so check it out, and make your webcam sessions way more interesting.