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Spb Time 2.1.5

The best selling time program for Pocket PC.

Spb Software House
Windows 2003 / Mobile / PPC
All Pocket PC devices: iPAQ, Axim, Palm 700w, etc.
Price is subject to change at any time by the company
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |4.47 MB ) Spb Time 2.1.5 Publisher's description
Spb Time is an advanced skinnable time tool set with screen saver mode. Analogue, digital and world clock, timers and stopwatches all in one application.

Spb Time Features:

Skinnable interface
Analog and digital clock with calendar
World clock with full screen map
Advanced Today Plug-In
Stopwatch with lap times export
Multiple timers and stopwatches
Toolbar designed for fingertip taps
Advanced alarms

Advanced Alarm Engine

Spb Time provides user with an advanced alarm options.
Multiple and one-time alarms
Alarm pop-up over password screen
Big colored Dismiss/Snooze buttons
Dismiss/Snooze with softkeys on WM 5.0 devices
Flexible sounding options

Square Screen Support

New version of Spb Time supports Square Screen devices (Palm Treo, iPAQ 65xx).
Although there are no visual controls like Analogue, Digital Clocks, World Time, StopWatches and Timers you may switch Screens via your Joystick (Up-Down-Left-Right) button:
Up-Down button switches between Timers and Clocks
Left-Right button switches between:

Analogue, Digital Clocks and World Time Screen when Clocks Screen is enabled
StopWatch, Timers and Multiple Stopwatches when Timers Screen is enabled

Other functionality of Spb Time is saved for Square Screen devices.

You can wholly change the design of Spb Time application by changing the
skin. Spb Software House provides three skins in default Spb Time package.
More skins can be downloaded from our site.

Aqua Skin
Art Skin
Black Skin
Cartoon Skin
Cube Skin
Default Skin
Egypt Skin
Legend Skin
White Skin

Screen Saver
Spb Time can be used as a Pocket PC Screen Saver.

Slideshow as a Screen Saver
Pocket PC as desktop clock
Full scree