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Software Project Management 1.0

Software Project Management, online course and training

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After taking the course series, you will be able to:

Explain what software project management is, how a project team is organized, and how the project schedule is created and used.
Explain the importance of estimation and product scope in project planning and how the grammatical parse technique and the decomposition and empirical approaches help in understanding the scope and estimating.
Explain the importance of measuring the product size, types of measurements required, and the techniques used for measuring the size of the product.
Explain the importance of outsourcing in software project management and how alternative development approaches are evaluated using the decision tree and the expected value techniques.
Explain the importance of risk management in software project management, the basic concepts related to risks, the risk management model, and the risk categories.
You receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing the software project management courses.

Learner hours: 37 hours
Target Audience: Project Manager, Team Leaders
Prerequisites: None
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