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Snake XP 1.0

A new revamped Snake game with some neat little extras never before seen.

Jazmine Productions
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
8 MB Ram, DirectX 5 or Higher
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |1.29 MB ) Snake XP 1.0 Publisher's description
The well known game of Snake is back. A new revamped Snake with the same goal as all the others. Snake is probably one of the most universal games played today. Even most cellular phones include the game with there product. A very nice and quick game to play.

You start with a very small Snake at the beginning and must catch the blinkers to score points. The more blinkers you catch the longer your Snake grows and the tougher it gets. Make sure your Snake doesn't run into itself or goes out of the screen or the game will end. We added a neat little extra where you will get more points the faster you catch the blinkers, but don't wait to long or you will lose points!