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Secure-IT 1.45

Secure-IT is an intelligent backup routine that runs as a screen-saver!

Thornsdale Software
Windows 98 / ME / 2000
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Secure-IT is an intelligent backup routine that runs as a screen-saver!
Use Secure-IT on its own or in addition to your overnight backup routine to ensure that you always have a copy of files you change during the day. No more lengthy restores from last nights tape and then realising you made a major modification at 9am or created that important file this morning. Just tell Secure-IT where your important files are ('My Documents' is a good start) and where to keep copies of them (preferably on another pc on your workgroup or on your server) and it will do the rest.
PC PRO called Secure-IT an 'ingenious utility' and publish it in the ESSENTIALS section of their cover CD.

>>Key Features
It's a screen-saver! Whenever your screen-saver cuts in, Secure-IT starts backing up your important files.

Multiple Sets: You can define as many backup Sets as you require. Each Set is a folder (and it's sub-folders) to be backed up.

>>Choice of backup types:
Each Set can be defined as Differential, Duplication, Version Control or can you can manipulate the Set backup under your own rules.

>>It Runs Itself: Secure-IT is a backup routine that runs itself! It doesn't matter how sophisticated your security system is, if you forget to run it or you're late for a date and you think and you think it will be alright to leave it just today...

>>It Keeps Working All Day: Secure-IT is a backup routine that goes on working throughout the day keeping your backup completely up-to-date. Every time you pause for a break all your important files are checked and backup if they have changed since the last time.

>>Backup schemes:
>Differential:Secure-IT will keep a copy of only those files that have changed since your last 'overnight main backup run.
>Duplicate:This backup type keeps a complete mirror image of the folders specified.
>Version Control: Only backs up writable files.
>User controlled: Set your own options and conditions for backup and removal.