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SampleTrigger 1

SampleTrigger is a MIDI utilty for triggering samples from a synthesizer.

Zeta Centauri
Windows XP
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |6.89 MB ) SampleTrigger 1 Publisher's description
SampleTrigger is an application used for triggering samples from a MIDI device, such as a synthesizer or drum machine. It is meant to be used by those who want to record a full set of multisampled patches from a MIDI device. It is a useful tool for those who are building sample libraries to be used in music production.

SampleTrigger supports patch changes, bank changes, and transmitting using any MIDI device in your PC on any of the 16 available MIDI channels.

While it's not very difficult to trigger a synthesizer by manually hitting every key, SampleTrigger makes the process easier and more consistent, saving you time by letting you do something else while your synth is being recorded.