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RepExpert Pro 1.2.8 (Buy Now and save $1.80)

RepExpert is a print tool for oracle report in htmlcss or html format.

Lion Soft
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
No special requirements
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RepExpert Pro 1.2.8 Publisher's description
1) Repexpert runs on client site, it can control some printing setting such

as paper size.

-- You can change RDF file, specify the paper size for the report, assign a

printer as default printer.

Your clients do not need to choose paper size at all. In fact, many end

users are not skilled enough to choose exact paper size.

-- Repexpert (Ver 1.2.8 or higher) can remember your appreciate printer and

paper size for every report in htmlcss format.

Your clients do not need to choose printer and paper size time and time


-- If you print with IE, you have to setup margins each time, sometimes your

setting may not take effect.

Using repexpert, your clients do not need to setup margins time and time


-- Repexpert can output report to printer directly without display, just

like ORARRP.

2) You can call repexpert use web.show_document.

If you call web.show_document, repexpert will catch this event, if it

'think' the URL is linked to a file generated by report server,

It will download the file and open it.

Note: This feature may not work properly on windows 2003.

3) Advanced features.

-- Repexpert can open very large report even includes 2,000,000 pages.

-- Repexpert can split report output into pages, your client can print

determinate page exactly.

-- Repexpert can remove blank page, it can also remove blank area in bottom

of each page.

-- Repexpert(Pro) can convert html to ms-excel format. (Note: Repexpert lite

do not support this feature)


-- You should install repexpert on every workstation.

Repexpert (Ver 1.2.6 or higher) support self-update. it will download

upgrade patch from www.lv2000.com.

You can also deploy upgrade patch in your local network, thus your

clients do not need to access internet.
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