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Power Shutdown 4.0

Power Shutdown is an auto-shutdown program with two special technologies.

Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003
MS Windows
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Power Shutdown is an auto-shutdown program.
It has 14 commands:
Turn off the computer, restart the computer, log off,
screen saver, standby, disconnect the modem,
close a program or all programs, and turn off the monitor and many more.

Power Shutdown can launch tasks after a certain amount of time or at an exact time.
It also provides RIGHT-LAUNCH technology which let you launch the commands
even when you do not know when to launch them.

RIGHT-LAUNCH includes launching a task when:
the command when no data are being transmitted through the internet, or
the command when the mouse is not moving for a certain amount of time, or
the command when CPU usage falls below a certain percent, or
the command when a program is closed, or
the command when remaining battery falls below a certain percent.

Power Shutdown's another technology, SMART-CONFIRMATION makes sure
your computer is turned off, restarted, or logged off right.
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