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Popup Pad 1.0

A handy tool for keeping track of notes and ideas.

Tinnes Software
Windows XP / Vista
.NET Framework 2 or above (but the installer will download and install this if required)
Price is subject to change at any time by the company
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |359.52 KB ) Popup Pad 1.0 Publisher's description
Popup Pad is a handy tool for keeping track of notes, ideas and any other snippets of information. At the press of a button it rises up ready for text to be typed, opened or dropped into it. Some possible uses for it could be, a temporary storage place when you are copying and pasting several pieces of text. An always to hand, simplified, version of notepad that can Copy, Paste, Save and Open text files. A way leaving messages, simply type 'away for lunch' or 'popped down the shops' and anyone looking for you can see where you've gone. Or as a to-do list.