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Pocket Elma 1.2

PocketElma is a 2D motorbike simulation game

Cappuccino Games
Windows CE / 2003 / Mobile / PPC
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |1.21 MB ) Pocket Elma 1.2 Publisher's description
PocketElma seems to be a simple game at first sight. All you have is to collect all the apples and then touch the flower while riding your bike. In case you touch the killer (a rotating spiky wheel) or if the driver hits his head on the ground he is "killed", and so you find yourself at the beginning of the level and have to start playing anew. As soon as you start playing you will realize it is irresistible! Due to the unique physical model you can perform terrific tricks on your motorbike, which are unavailable in other similar games on PocketPC. You can stand on the back wheel, perform a somersault, jump across a giddy precipice - your abilities are unlimited!