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Playtonium Jigsaw - Animals of Africa 1.10

60 wonderful photographs of Africa's wildlife, 200+ different jigsaw puzzles.

Adveractive, Inc.
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
300 Mhz Processor, 32 Mb RAM, 8 Mb Hard Drive Space
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Playtonium Jigsaw - Animals of Africa 1.10 Publisher's description
This Playtonium Jigsaw Puzzle program and Puzzle Pack combines the images of renowned Wildlife Photographer, Rich Beckman, with detailed information about many of Africa's most unique species. Lions, elephants, cheetahs, rhinos, and gorgeous birds are just a few of the animals populating this collection of sixty outstanding wildlife images (200+ puzzles!). For youngsters, this Jigsaw Puzzle Pack is both a challenge and a learning experience. For anyone drawn to the dramatic beauty of the bush, the plains and the forests of Africa, this jigsaw puzzle collection will be a memorable and enduring treat.
Special features include a built-in MP3 player, special sound clips, full screen play, extra large images and extra special puzzles cut in the shapes of rhinos, elephants and more!