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PlayFreeLotto 7.1

PlayFreeLotto simulates any lotto and calculates all chances.

Tonbrand Software
Mac OS Other / Windows Mobile / PPC
system 7.0 or later - 68K or PPC
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |869.9 KB ) PlayFreeLotto 7.1 Publisher's description
PlayFreeLotto is a freeware utility - or game if you like - that you can use to discover the chance of winning the first prize in a lotto.

You can also find out what is your chance to win other lotto prizes or nil. But PlayFreeLotto offers more...

You can simulate any lotto and play your favorite numbers as if it were for real, but at no cost ! You can start a series of up to 100,000 drawings to find out if and when you could have won the first prize, or a lower prize.

Further, you can use PlayFreeLotto to evaluate the relation between statistical chances and reality, which will make clear to you that playing lotto to get rich is more likely to make you poorer.