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pinu Roulette Calculator 1.0

It calculates what to play on roulette. Based on "No Lose" Strategy.

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Want to play roulette and win. It's easy. There is a mathematik based strategy called "No Lose". It works. You bet $1 on RED. If you win you get $2. If you lose, you bet $2 on RED. If you win, you have $4 (you have bet $3 and won $1). If you lose, you bet $4 on RED. And so on. Every time you lose, you double your bet, so wenn you win, you get all money you have bet plus first bet (in this case $1).
This utility helps to play this strategy on roulette table of Noble Poker ($0.10 - $5 limits). It works not on all tables because there are table limits, which not allow to double bets (e.g. min bet $5, max bet $50 means that you can double you bet only 3 times till $40). We have found tables where you can double bets 5 times. It means you will still win, if one color comes 6 times (e.g. 6 times BLACK). The middle win rate is about $10 per hour. So you will not be reach, but you get easy money. To increase win rate, we have added both games (on color and on even/odd), so you can play they at the same time (you double you money, ca $20 per hour). In all cases if the numbers comes different (e.g. red after black, odd after even), you will win. In some cases there are long rows of same numbers (e.g. >6 times BLACK). So you can lose, but this happens very unusual.
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