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NZ Postcodes 1.0

Full NZ Postcodes package with extended geographical coordinates.

Zip Postal Codes
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |1.47 KB ) NZ Postcodes 1.0 Publisher's description
The 'NZ Postcodes' package will provide you with the extended NZ Postcodes database as well as NZ geographical data like postcode, suburb, street address, latitude and longitude. The 'NZ Postcodes' database includes the information on: NZ postode, suburb, street address, latitude and longitude. 43 547 precise records are in the 'NZ Postcodes' database. NZ Postcodes are in four-digit format. Latitudes and longitudes are to within 0.000001 (6 digits after the comma). The 'NZ Postcodes' package can be EASILY imported to ANY database. The downloaded file size is 774 KB. The uncompressed file size is 2.66 MB. The downloaded file is in CSV format.