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Nelements KOS 2.659

You can organize all your knowledge with Nelements KOS and review it.

Ayar Software
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003
MS DirectX 9.0c, .NET 2.0
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |288.5 KB ) Nelements KOS 2.659 Publisher's description
Nelements KOS is a 3d mind mapping tool developed by Ayar Software. Ayar Software is an organization that started in 2005 and has produced the Word Descrambler program. Ayar Software is part of Ayar Corp.

Nelements stands for 'Note Elements'. Just as how the physical world that we perceive around us is thought to be made up of elementary 'elements', we can think of the knowledge world to be made up of elements as well. Information and knowledge can be taken note of and passed on to others, or reviewed again at a later time. So the units making up the knowledge world can be called as 'Nelements'. Similar to how the atoms that make up the elements of the physical world have a structure, nelements also have a structure that can be applied to construct the various fields of knowledge.

Just as how we have travelers who go around the world seeing new places and new sights, we can have knowledge engineers and scholars who travel around the knowledge world and increase their understanding and knowledge. By taking clear and understandable notes of their insights of the knowledge world, other people may also travel to those areas in knowledge and learn those areas as well.