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Mesh Electronic Circuit Analysis 2.0

Mesh Electronic Circuit analysis is a Symbolic Circuit Analyser

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Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
Visual Basic 6
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Mesh Symbolic Electronic Circuit analysis
Mesh electronic circuit analysis is an open source Visual Basic 6 program which is under active development at SourceForge.
Please see the download page, for latest source code.

Symbolic analysis, is where the resistance and voltage in an electronic circuit is defined in terms of variables, i.e. R1, R2, V1, rather
than concrete values, i.e. 100 Ohm, 3 Volts. This allows the current at any branch of the circuit to be ascertained in terms of these variables.

This approach is designed for academic use, so that students can solve electronic circuits in the same way as they would on

The software works by using Matrix mesh analysis of the circuit then applying a symbolic maths engine to the resulting equations.
A symbolic maths engine allows for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and simplification of symbolic terms. This means in essence
that the maths engine can handle operations such as ("V2+R1" x "R2+R4" = "V2R2+V2R4+R1R2+R2R4"), furthermore, the ability to simplify
equations allows the engine to supplant verbose expressions such as ("2R1 + 5 + 3R1 + 2" with "5R1 + 7") making equations more readable.