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Job in the Hand 2.4

make services in modern way with your Pocket PC

Bogdanovich Software House
Windows 2003 / Mobile / PPC
.Net Compact Framework 2.0; SqlCe server 3.0; 64 mb ram
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |311 KB ) Job in the Hand 2.4 Publisher's description
Job in the hand: this program is developed specially for workers of different services area, for example: Building, Repairs, Consulting. With it's help you can easily trace your rendered services and sold materials. Qualitatively made Database allows you to manage with whole process - from selecting a client, till forming necessary documents, directly from your Pocket PC.

Main Features
Show list of your services and available materials, wherever you are.
Comfortable Database of Services. Each service has it's own page.
Categories and subcategories of services.
Comfortable Database of Materials. Now you can set materials in stock, which won't allow you to make orders on not existing materials. Or just set quantity as "Unimportantly" and program will not mention it. Each material has it's own page.
Categories and subcategories of materials
Excellent Client Database with photos and a page for each client.
Cart, comfortably divided in two parts - List of services and List of Materials. Now you don't need to remember what you clients wanted to buy.
Orders Database will help you to keep all your deals in memory. Each order has it's own page.
The detailed job description is inserted directly to the order, you can specify there, what do you need to do, is doing or done already. Ability of defining job status, specify dates of job start and end.
Shipment, Loading, Unloading now included to the order, you can specify prices and shipment address.
Order Confirmation specifies that an order is done and has been paid. When deleting an unconfirmed order all materials are returned back to stock.
Form necessary documents: Invoice, Receipt, Estimate, Sales Order, Customer Payment, Credit Memo, from data specified in the order
Services, Materials and additional services (Shipment, Loading, Unloading) are mentioned in documents in different lists with calculating subtotals. And more