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JaNaG - Java Name Generator 2.0

Create random names for RPGs. Name database can be edited to fit your needs.

Max Kalus
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Create random names for your RPG (available in English or German). Name database can be edited to fit your needs and rules follow certain semantic rules. You can create different rules for cultures and types within these cultures (male, female, city). The names you created can be copied into other programs or simply be saved to a text file. Namegenerator creates random names based upon certain specifications, that are included in three text files. These files can easiely be changed with any text editor (e.g. Notepad) to fit your needs. The three text files can easiely be extracted from the JAR-file with WinRAR. ****init.txt**** This file is read at the start of the application and specifies the two other files. You can switch between init files while running the progam by selecting Files->Init file... ****languages.txt**** Includes the language data. A group is specified with braces ([]). All lines after such a group are included in the group. Coment lines start with ##, and empty lines are ignored. ****semantics.txt**** This file contains semantic rules of different cultures. Specifics can be found in the file. Coment and empty lines are handles like "languages.txt". ****Contact and where to send contributions**** Download at http://www.beimax.de. If you create you own language files, I am happy to include your contribution. Just send a mail (max@beimax.de). There is a good chance, that good contributions will be included into the official version. Have fun with this little program!