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iTunes Album Browser 2.1.29

Graphical Front End to iTunes - browse by album cover or spine

Windows 2000 / XP / 2003
.NET framework 2.0, iTunes
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |710 KB ) iTunes Album Browser 2.1.29 Publisher's description
This program is a companion for iTunes (Windows). It analyses your music collection, collates the full albums that are contained within it, and displays the album covers (or spines), with various sorting and filtering capabilities to get to the music you want quickly and intuitively. It retrieves album art from Amazon automatically if required. It can also display album reviews, song lyrics and all other songs from the playing artist. If you are a REAL music fan and want to listen to music as it was intended, as full albums with tracks in the correct order, then this is the program for you. However, it's also possible to use it as a "jukebox", to mix and match different tracks from different albums as you require. It's also possible to collate "best of" albums by artist or genre, using your own personal ratings. You can even edit the user interface (font, colours, etc) to your own liking.