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Grokker 2.4

Federated search & clustered results for research intensive organizations

Groxis, Inc.
800MHz Pentium III, 128MB RAM (256MB recommended), 50MB free disk space
Price is subject to change at any time by the company
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The volume of business intelligence content that enterprises accumulate is growing exponentially, yet the current generation of enterprise search applications fall short of providing companies with the tools they need to access and leverage vital business data. In fact, a recent IDC study found that knowledge workers spend about 25% of their time searching for information with more than a third of that time producing unsatisfactory results.

Grokker solves the challenges posed by information overload by delivering federated access to all of the enterprise''s information assets, and by presenting topically organized results that make it easier for workers to discover and leverage quality information resources. The benefit is greater utilization of information assets, less time spent searching, actionable output, and faster time to market.

Academic libraries in research-intensive university settings also face significant information delivery and research challenges. These libraries must encourage student researchers to go beyond internet search engines for research sources, and deliver quality content to expert researchers. With federated access to premium research databases and a familiar user interface, Grokker is an ideal addition to the university library research tool set.

Grokker is an economical and quickly integrated search management tool that is web-based and fully hosted. Grokker relies on lean xml technology to retrieve, analyze, and cluster information from nearly any digital content source.