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Grammar Slammer for Palm OS 4.0

Easy English grammar help + reference, handy tool.

English Plus+
Palm OS
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm
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Grammar Slammer answers those questions that the Grammar Checkers can't! Grammar Slammer helps you in your writing and grammar in one of the simplest ways known to Palm PC users. Grammar Checkers are helpful, but they are limited. They miss things and often ask you questions you can't answer. ("Do you want a comma here?"--"How should I know?" you reply.) Disk-based grammar books are cumbersome. GRAMMAR SLAMMER, on the other hand, supplements the Grammar Checker by providing answers using the familiar Acrobat Reader. It usually just takes one or two clicks to find what you need. Great for anyone writing in the English language in Windows. Teachers have also used this as an individualized or classroom tutoring program. Updated version includes more grammar information and program improvements. Vanquish your Language Anguish! Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS vesion 1.1. Legacy product for Palm OS 3.5 or lower. For higher Palm OS and other PDA systems, use Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows Systems.