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Football Squares 2012

Classic Football Squares pool on computer instead of cardboard with animations

PartySoftware, LLC
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |1.02 MB ) Football Squares 2012 Publisher's description
Classic Football Squares on the computers. No more messy markers and rulers to line out 10 equal lines. Let your computer keep track of this years football squares game. Just in time for the playoff's and the Super bowl. NFL scores updated via your internet connection approximately every 60 seconds.
# Print out the grid, or export to a JPEG file and post on a web-site.
# Colorful animations
# Predictions for fieldgoals and touchdowns
# Game password protection
# Configurable - counts number of square selected and total cost
# Random number drawing after all squares have been selected
# Current Winners name can be seen from across the room
# Online and Offline modes - Online scores Automatically updated