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Flash Random Rotator 1

Random Flash Web Page Rotator Milliseconds, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Or Days!

Works on all internet platforms
Price is subject to change at any time by the company
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |717 bytes ) Flash Random Rotator 1 Publisher's description
These are quality flash image rotators, with many fantastic extra features already included! Electrify your web pages with a Javascript Random Flash Image Rotator that cannot pick the same Flash item twice in a row unless you want it to! Rotate Flash randomly by day, or by hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds and more! Rotates a lot more than Flash and .SWF files also. Add any object properties for every different rotating Flash file that you want! Rotates web page divs and other kinds of image files also or along with text and text links! Can add any web page xhtml decoration you want to any of these items and all these things can be done easily right into the script itself! Can put however many you want on the same page, wherever you want on the pages, or on many of the site pages. All at the lowest price! Other quality Javascript and PHP flash and content rotators as well. Rotate all your own content yourself!