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Fishbowl Mobile - Warehouse 4.6.1

Fishbowl Mobile will significantly increase inventory accuracy & productivity.

Fishbowl Inventory
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Fishbowl Mobile is your tool to significantly increase inventory accuracy and worker productivity. Of course, this reduces frustration by eliminating errors as to what you really have on hand. Fishbowl mobile goes a long ways in improving your bottom line.
How can FB Mobile improve your inventory accuracy to 99.99%? You simply place a pre-printed tag number on your incoming part(s). These tags can be printed directly from the Fishbowl Inventory Software. Tag numbers are like license plates that go with the inventory from the time it hits your warehouse to the time it's shipped out the door. They work similarly to how a license plate works with your vehicle. No matter where you are on the road your license plate remains with your car. So likewise, when inventory arrives into your warehouse, you simply affix a pre-printed tag onto the part(s) being received. This tag number remains with that part no matter where it's moved to. And when it comes time to pick the inventory to be shipped to a customer, you simply scan on that tag again to get it out the door.
There are several ways to make the receiving process fool proof as well to substantially decrease errors. For example, when you receive inventory into your warehouse, if you scan on a bar-code, it doesn't matter if you scan on the UPC code or the bar-code with the vendor's number. Fishbowl Mobile automatically associates those numbers to your part number and brings it into inventory. Remember with Fishbowl Mobile, You can receive parts with serial numbers, lot numbers, revision levels and expiration dates. You can also automatically associate POs to the parts being received to make paying your bills a snap.
Other options included to facilitate the receiving function include the ability to automatically receive all parts on a PO, or to receive partial orders.