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ezWebcar / ezWebTour is an Internet Explorer add-on that integrates with your...

Pure Objects Inc
Windows 98 / ME / 2000
No special requirements
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ezWebcar / ezWebTour is an Internet Explorer add-on that integrates with your browser. ezWebcar is a powerful tool that adds a new dimension to your web surfing experience.Using ezWebcar you can go to any web site together with your friends. No matter where your browsing partners are located physically, you and them would see the same web page at the same time. ezWebcar extension provides you with browser integrated chat. You can chat with all of your browsing partners without loosing the context or having to switch between windows. Using ezWebcar extension you can attach notes to the website you are viewing currently and these notes will be displayed to you next time you visit the same site. With ezWebcar you can:-Go shopping in e-Stores with your friends or spouse. -Show and describe you vacation pictures to your friends and family. -Decide on a vacation spot by visiting and discussing the websites of possible places with your friends. ezWebTour is a tool that lets you compile the pages on any topic into a single hyper link, and share it with others. Using ezWebTours you can compile web pages from different websites into a single ezWebTour. All of these pages can be accessed via single hyper link, which you can easily email to anyone. In ezWebTour you can add pages from any website on the Internet you can also span your ezWebTour into multiple browser windows. With ezWebTour you can:-Create ezWebTours on the research you did to purchase something (for example, digital camera), and share it with friends. -View an ezWebTour created by someone on a tourist spot before you decide to go there. These are some of the things you can do to while using ezWebcar and ezWebTour together:-Compile the webpages you want to discuss with someone into an ezWebTour, then show them your precompiled pages one by one along with your notes in a co-browsing session of ezWebcar. This way you will not have to hunt for webpages right at the time of your meeting.