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Dental clinic software 6.0

Dental software - Software for apointment scheduling, billing management...

Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Pentium IV, 128Mb Ram, 50MB Hard disc
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Main features in Dental clinic software:

New features in Dental clinic v.4.0: Release date: 14.06.2004.
• Finally NETWORK SUPPORT ADDED. Now you can use more than one computer to work with Dental software.
Sever can be locked /unlocked with administrator password.

Features in Dental clinic v.3.6 and 4.0: Release date: 21.05.2004.
• Now you can add treatment plan
• Now you can add other patient files (scanned documents)
• Now you can export search results in:
- RTF file format
- XML file format
- HTML file format
- Excel file format
and later change/print that file.
• Now you can add view/add treatments for jow or all teath

Features in Dental clinic v.3.5: Release date: 17.03.2004.
• Adding x-ray pictures - supported picture formats: bmp, jpg, gif, ico, emf, wmf.

• Now you can zoom x-ray picture, also you can export x-ray picture from Dental clinic.

• View for milk teath.

• Desing for examination form was changed.

• Now you can create your own picture (or select some of the pictures suplied with Dental clinic) and assign it to some treatment, so when you select treatment from list of treatments teeth picture changes to picture assigned to treatment.

Features in Dental clinic v.3.0: Release date: 01.02.2004.

• Company/insurance database

• You can assign patients with company/insurance

• Assign x-rays teeth files with patients, and use it later during examinations

• Designation database (dentist, hygienists, nurses,...) so you can categorize your employees.

• Now you can print reports or medical billing :
- Bill submit to Health Fund Authority (Company / Insurance / Other)
- Bill submit to particular patient
- Appointments for selected period
- Profit for selected period
- Company insurance list

Features in Dental clinic v.2.0:Release date: 11.10.2003.
• Now you can set up appointments by chair, so you can work on more than one chair.

and many many more