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Democracy 2 1.0

Run your own virtual country in this sophisticated political strategy game

Positech Games
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
64 MB Video card
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |32.85 MB ) Democracy 2 1.0 Publisher's description
Democracy 2 is the most sophisticated political strategy game you can buy. Take on the role of president or prime-minister in one of 9 different 'virtual' countries, and see how long you can stay in power. Democracy 2 lets you choose your ministers, your policies, your laws and budget, and fine tune your country to run exactly the way you choose. Can you keep enough of the people happy to get re-elected each term? Building on sophisticated 'neural-network' technology, this is a game with a serious simulation under the hood. Each individual is influenced by a number of different voter groups, in different ways depending on the exact layout of policies and spending that you have set up each turn. Do you want to build a socialist paradise? a green eco-friendly sustainable economy? a totalitarian state? or a religious one? Democracy 2 gives you the freedom to create the kind of society you want.