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Monitor your construction project visually as you update data in Primavera

Ristems Ltd
Windows XP
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Visual Project Monitoring System (Introuter Technology). The key function of CONSIM is to visualise your project as 3D rendered views with respect to its planning schedule in Primavera software. This has been built with the Ristems innovative Introuter Technology based on high end research.

Monitor your project anywhere from the world. CONSIM monitoring system is completely web based. i.e, you can monitor your project (running in London) by sitting in New York.
Data Date - Visualisation. You can visualise the project as per the latest update (Data Date). You can see what is the actual work progress and the planned progress in two different windows.
Today's Progress Visualisation. CONSIM will generates today's planned progress and actual (anticipated from Data Date) progress in different windows.
Construction Stage Visualisation. This amazing feature will take you to visualise the project for any future date or past date.

History Visualisation. CONSIM can generate 3D views of the actual progress for any past date.
Easy to Implement. CONSIM is very easy to implement in a construction project. What it need a 3D model of your project in AutoCAD format and access to your primavera project. Activities in the Primavera have to be linked to the objects in AutoCAD using CONSIM Client software. This has to do only one time (at the beginning of the project). .
Automatic update. Once CONSIM implemented in a project, it will automatically update the views as you update the activities in Primavera.
View from different angles. You can monitor your project from different angles as you save any number of views in AutoCAD.
Progressing Activities. Progressing activities will be highlighted (blink) with its proportionate display with respect to the progress of the activity. (Eg: If a column construction progress is 50%, the column will show only 50% height and in blinking mode)
Colour Codes. CONSIM has certain colour codes to easily recognize delayed activities.