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ClickOff 1.63

ClickOff is a program which does a daily and very annoying task for you: clic...

Windows 98 / ME / 2000
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ClickOff is a program which does a daily and very annoying task for you: click Buttons on useless notification and error-messages. So software is very easy to use:If a message like "Are you sure you want to exit the program" shows up, you start the window-detection of clickoff and then point on the button you want to be clicked if the message shows up again, in this case this would be "Yes".If an ad-popup shows up then you open a menu called "add window" and select the browser-popup from there.All buttons and windows are stored in a list which can be edited at any time. Entrys can be marked inactive if you don't want to delete them, parts of a window title can be replaced by wildcards so that one entry can close several windows with similar titles. You can also set the text of message as a condition wether a button should be clicked or not.ClickOff waits in the system-tray next to your clock until one of its target windows shows up and then clicks the desired button. A browser popup will just be closed. ClickOff does not need a lot of system-resources, about 0.1% of you CPU time.