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bcParserCPP 2.6

bcParserCPP for C++ evaluates math expressions given as strings at runtime.

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Download free trial ( Free Trial |178.37 KB ) bcParserCPP 2.6 Publisher's description
bcParserCPP is a mathematical expression parser C++ library that can be used with Visual C++, Borland C++, GNU C++ and other C++ compilers on any OS.

bcParseCPP C++ Math Parser Library features include:

Easy to use C++ API.
Comes with predefined functions.
You can create custom functions/variables and get a callback to your own functions that you define in your source code.
Optimization: Constant expression elimination for repeated tasks.
Strings are supported in the expression.
Analytic Operators: +, -, /, *, ^
Logical Operators: <, >, =, &, |, !, <>, <=, >=
Paranthesis: (, {, [
Functions in the form of: f(x,y,... N)
List of predefined functions is available in the documentation.
Royalty free distribution at affordable price.
Distributed as source code.
Portable across platforms.
Portable across compilers.
<br><br><a href="http://www.bestcode.com/html/math_parser_for_cpp.html">Read more about bcParserCPP Math Parser C++ Library here.</a>