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Autolens 2.2.1

Magnifies the screen, reading help

Axel Blume
Windows 98 / ME / XP / Vista
over 500MHz and more than 32 MB RAM recommended
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Download free trial ( Free Trial |370.18 KB ) Autolens 2.2.1 Publisher's description
A reading help. Takes a screenshot, enlarges it and displays it in a separate resizeable window. Short response time.

After pressing the button "Activate" it is started and displays an enlarged
(2:1) copy of the screen in a separate window.
Resize that window and use the scroll bars , dragging and dropping or the arrow
keys plus "home", "end", "pageup" and "pagedown" to view the section that you
are interested in.
Use "ESC" to switch to full screen mode and back.

To get a new screenshot press the key "PAUSE". In case of a onflict with
another program you can preselect "F10" .."F12" as well.
Every second the program checks the selected key.

To avoid including the current enlargement in a new screenshot you can
minimize the window (titlebar) or click on autolens in the taskbar.

To get higher enlargements just maximize Autolens or use "full screen"
before getting a new screenshot.